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The Kennel has central heat and air conditioning.
The Kennel building is 32’ x 56’. It is made out of cinder block and cement. There are 14 dog runs in the mid-section of the building. The dog runs are 4’ x 12’, with cement floors and cinder block sides with a plastic bed. The cement floors are slanted ¼” per 1’ allowing for drainage of waste and ease of cleaning. The cinder block sides prevent cross contamination. No toys, food, water, or anything else is shared. Every occupied run is cleaned and sanitized twice a day. The water drains to the middle of the building and then out through underground pipes into the septic system. The back room has 3 runs 4’ x 12’ and 6 cages 2’ x 5’. This area is separate from the dogs and is for our exotic pet customers. We will watch any pet you may have. In the past we have cared for birds, fish, turtles, rabbits, pigs, and reptiles including snakes and iguanas.
Outside the Kennel building are double fenced exercise areas 20’ x 40’ with 6’, 9 gauge chain link fence. All dogs are taken outside 30 minutes twice a day. There is a 100’ x 125’ training area with a 6’, 9 gauge chain link fence around it. 

Inside the building we use Parvo-Lan to clean. Outside the building we use EM (see below) to kill bacteria.

EM™ means “Effective Microorganisms™” and it is made up of beneficial and highly efficient organisms. These microorganisms are not harmful, non-pathogenic, not genetically modified, nor chemically synthesized.

Call Us Today (707) 678-4900

Randy and Lisa Anderson

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